The corpse was buried several light years ago in a wormhole, deemed jokingly by the foremost members of the long cyberorganic mankind, to lead toward a backward area of the universe, doubtless populated by third wolrd-minded cosmic citizens.
The corpse performanced its own descend into that hell burning with flames of silence, emptiness and, above all... coldness. The coldness stuck on the dead flesh, cooking it at the same pace of the Dark Energy; seasoning it with atoms of hydrogen and helium harvested during the universe's awake. The coldness dug very deep into the organic blackness of the carbon molecules, turning the corpse into a tasteful dish from the very structure of its former life, and now, of its present dead.
The corpse got out not only in a different point of the space, but in a different point of the time. Seemingly, the corpse got through the wormhole's dream; maybe a dream from wich it wanted to wake up being a butterflyhole.
But, that was just a dream. As for the corpse, a hunger gravity was attracted by the good smell of its well-done dead flesh, and began to pulls it. The gravity turned out to be the slobber of a ravenous planet, populated by cannibals.
That night, they celebrated a unique cannibalistic feast. Once finished it, they stayed staring at the fire, wondering why its flames don't cook the dead flesh in such delicious way as this one sent from the sky by the gods is. What kind of fire could do it? By dawn, all of them fell asleep with the hope of dream with that fire... With the fire of the stellar coldness... The stellar coldness of the outer space.


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Odilius Vlak, is the pseudonym of a guy whose real name is Juan Julio Ovando Pujols. He was born and still lives in Dominican Republic. The pen name turned out to be his spiritual name, because it was chosen by his soul, and not by two pieces of rotten flesh, namely, his parents. As a writer he likes to explore the dark aspect of the imagination and place the result in the light's showcase with a fantastic attire. So far, his main way of expression is the prose poem. Some may be very lyric; others, very narrative. But, all of them being a kind of philosophic declaration of why the Dark Fantasy should be loved. He has two unpublished books, of which several samples will be show in this virtual temple: Plexus Lunaris and Bottonless Tombs. Currently he's writing the first story of the book "Chronicles of Tandrel". It will be a universe builded in the same way that "Zothique the Last Continent", by Clark Ashton Smith; that is, showing the whole feature of it, through a series of tales. He also run a Blog in spanish devoted in part to the sacred figure of Clark Ashton smith: the «High Priest» of the Dark Fantasy.
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